High-throughput DNA Sequencing and Genome Analytics Solutions

Clevergene has been partnering with academic and translational scientists by delivering next generation DNA sequencing and genome analytics services. We assist in attaining full potential of genomics by creatively exploring, analysing, and inferring large volumes of genomic data. Our solutions augment the discovery process and empower scientists while saving precious time and research costs.




Our Services and Solutions




Genome Sequencing and Analysis

De-novo Genome Assembly

WG Re-sequencing Analysis

Exome Analysis

Targeted Re-sequencing Analysis

SNP Association Analysis

CNV/LOH Analysis

16S rRNA Based Metagenome Analysis

Shotgun Metagenome Analysis

Transcriptome Sequencing and Analysis

RNA-seq Analysis

miRNA-seq Analysis

Degradaome Analysis


Microarray-expression Analysis

Epigenome Sequencing and Analysis

Bisulfite-seq Analysis

ChIP-seq Analysis

MeDIP-seq Analysis

Microarray-methylation Analysis

Bespoke Analytics Solutions

We offer bespoke analytics solutions based on advanced statistical modelling, artificial intelligence and data mining methodologies to suit project objectives and individual data types.

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