"We want to be a leader in genetic diagnostics as a differentiator and not as a me-too player"

Tony Jose, Co-Founder and CEO of Bangalore-based genomics company Clevergene that claims unrivalled discovery-genomics and genetic diagnostics capabilities, had a personal reason to take a deep interest in genetics. As a child, Tony Jose was intolerant to milk and suffered regularly from problems like vomiting, stomach cramps and other reactions till the age of 6 or 7, which even affected his schooling. Doctors couldn’t diagnose the problem and instead treated him with anti-infection medications. Since he was lucky to have just one copy of the mutation that causes Galactosemia, the issue became less severe over time. But, says he, no one knew about the disease and the genetic mutation that caused it 38 years ago. He himself understood it only when he started his career with a specialty diagnostics company in Hyderabad a few years ago.

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