Digital Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a highly motivated Digital Marketing specialist who develops strong and digital marketing strategies using SEO, SEM, and other techniques to drive traffic to company pages and generate interest in company services and products.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement SEO, SEM strategies for International and National market.
  • Create and manage link building strategies, email marketing and active social media presence.
  • Innovate and present new marketing platforms and strategies for targeted audience.
  • Forecast marketing campaign growth and ROI for marketing campaigns.
  • Use google analytics, google adwords and other relevant sites for backlink analysis.
  • Conducting on page and off page SEO analysis of websites to divert traffic to company pages.
  • Keep abreast of new social media sites, web technologies and digital marketing trends; implement these new techniques in developing campaigns and update current campaigns to include new informations.
  • Assist in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital engagement/ connection with consumers and business for B2C verticals.
  • Brand experience improving with personalized web and email experience.
  • Work with content team to provide ideas for content marketing and update website.
  • Plan, monitor and manage the ongoing brand presence on social media.

Key Requirements

  • 1-4 years of experience
  • Out –of –the box thinking is needed
  • Clearly understand and implement digital marketing campaigns which fit client needs
  • Ability and confidence to work in a team
  • Smart and creative idea implementation in converting leads
  • Complete knowledge on SEO tools, Linkedin Ads, Google adwards
  • Business minded enthusiasm willing to develop business growth in terms of revenue

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