Bioinformatics Scientist

Roles and Responsibilities

  • High throughput execution of NGS pipelines like Genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, Exome analysis and other relevant applications.
  • Employ best practices for statistical accuracy, documentation and reproducibility.
  • Client management and communication.
  • Play an active role in managing and timely delivery of projects and analysis.
  • Ability to work across teams and function effectively.
  • Ability to tackle challenges and exhibit good trouble shooting skills.
  • Managing the team of Bio informatics associates
  • Keeping record of project delivery
  • Tracking day today analysis activity
  • Reviewing analysis reports prepared by team members
  • Provide technical support to the team
  • Technical inputs for the client communication


  • For PhD with 2-3 years of experience.
  • For MSc candidates 5-6 years of NGS data analysis.
  • Good technical knowledge of NGS and analysis pipelines and statistics.

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