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Clevergene is an Integrated Genomics Company that is helping Scientists around the globe to accelerate discoveries in the field of healthcare, crop improvement and bioprocess engineering.

Harnessing the unified power of high-throughput DNA sequencing and genomics big data analytics, we offer simplified solutions to cutting edge research and translational science problems.

Our multidisciplinary team with rich experience in genomics applications is building innovative analytics pipelines and molecular assays that can lead the way for cost effective genetic diagnostics, personal genomics and precision medicine.


Tony Jose

Co Founder and CEO

Tony is a genomics scientist turned entrepreneur with close to a decade of experience in high throughput genomics. He has established genomics laboratories and delivered strategic projects. He has played important roles in performing genome sequencing of Indian Water Buffalo and Goat along with several other large genome analysis projects using Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray techniques. His vast experience in this domain and access to global technology leaders provide him with strategic leverage in leading the team with great vision.

Tony has been an invited speaker to many scientific conferences, trainer in genomics workshops and participant of national level scientific policy building brainstorming sessions.

Dhruv Prasher

Co Founder

Dhruv is a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, with track record of successful startups in areas of Genetics, Healthcare, Learning and Talent Hunting. He is a computer science engineer by qualification, with research publications to his name in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. At Clevergene, he pursues his passion of developing simple and user-friendly solutions for genome analytics. This involves, planning and executing great User Interfaces with best of Data Visualisation practices, resulting in swift and easy-to-understand insights for end user. He holds a rich experience in designing and developing contemporary Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Genomics Apps.

He firmly believes that the right mix of technology and humanities is a recipe for any successful product or service. Loves simplicity in creation. Despises mediocrity. Challenges the status quo.

Rajasekhara Reddy, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Rajasekhara Reddy (Reddy) is a new age geneticist with more than 9 years of experience in genomics, forensic and diagnostic genetics. He has a strong research background with 12 scientific publications and holds a PhD in Human Genetics, for his studies on Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes. He has rich experience in cutting edge technologies like NGS, Micro Array, Digital PCR etc, and has worked extensively on application development and troubleshooting. Prior to joining Clevergene, Reddy has worked for global genomics technology leaders, and was awarded best application scientist by Illumina (2013) and is the winner of involvement award (2016) for providing best technical support at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

A master in devising simple solutions to complex problems by employing multidisciplinary approach; he takes keen interest in statistics and advocates systems biology methodologies in genome analytics.

Nahush BN

Scientist, Genome Informatics

Nahush is a passionate data scientist with expertise in genome informatics and interpretation. Prior to Clevergene, he was at Indian Institute for Research, Education and Science (IISER) – Trivandrum, where he extensively worked on NGS analytics relating to Yeast genetics and Human genomics. He represented Manipal University as a part of student exchange program at the Amsterdam International Medical Summer School – “Molecular Pathways in Cancer, initiation, maintenance and therapy 2011” hosted by the Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University and AMC University of Amsterdam. Later he went on to do his research internship at BigCat lab at Maastricht University, where he worked on developing tissue specific gene expression profiles using Microarrays.

Nahush loves mining deep into data to gain significant insights using the tenets of machine learning, statistics and mathematic modelling. He holds keen interest in Evolutionary genetics and Theoretical Biology.

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